Getting started

What is Curve?

The Basics

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The Curve App

Adding your cards to Curve

Your Curve card

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Features & benefits

Samsung Pay Card

Loyalty Wallet

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Other mobile devices

Digital First

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Curve Cash

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Curve Credit

Curve Fronted

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Curve Send

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Investor card

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AXA Insurance


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Tracking your spending

Signup Bonus

Curve Rewards programme (you're eligible if you signed up before the 16th February, 2018)

Troubleshooting & issues

Status Page Updates

Payment Issues

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Your Curve app

Miscellaneous Issues

Transactions with Curve

3D Secure (3DS)

Spending abroad with Curve

Go Back in Time

Usage and Limits

Refunds with Curve

Spending with Curve

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Managing my account

Curve Subscription Tiers

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Your Curve Account

Your Personal Details


Security with Curve


Curve Customer Protection - Raising a Dispute

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