Curve Fronted empowers you to pay with your Curve debit card by using an underlying credit card in situations where the merchant wouldn’t normally accept credit cards.

The 1.5% service fee helps us cover the costs of those transactions so you can take advantage of this feature and keep your spending records in one place. The fee is charged instantly – the total sum along with the fee will be displayed in the ‘Wallet’ tab under the same transaction. 

Curve Metal customers aren’t charged the Curve Fronted fee and the usage of this functionality is subject to our Fair Use Policy. Also, you won’t be able to earn Curve Cash with Curve Fronted transactions.

Curve Fronted spending limits

Curve Fronted transactions will be subject to the same general spending limits as visible in your Curve App (there are no separate spending limits for Curve Fronted). Curve may set additional controls and limits to manage the risk, particularly with respect to cash recycling, financial vulnerability due to perpetuating debt, money laundering, fraud or security concerns. 

In case you need to increase your Curve spending limits, please fill in this form and we’ll give you a hand.

Curve Fronted and your credit score

While Curve Fronted may not directly affect your credit score, it’s possible that availing large sums of credit on multiple cards and making transactions with an underlying Merchant Category Code (MCC) of 6012 can affect your credit rating.

This depends on your underlying card provider and the way these transactions are processed by them. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions of your underlying card issuer.